Oregon Police And Firefighters, FBI Agent’s Widow, Dr Bryan Aldis, Robert David Steele, Fauci’s “Drive By”

Some personal issues here have meant I have not been able to compile any updates. Also, at the moment, I am seeing much the same sort of information repeated, so there seems less point in sending it out. I therefore suspect updates may be less frequent now. Most of the links in this update have been sent to me by Kathy Roberts over the last couple of weeks.

FOI to MHRA (UK) Reveals a Disturbing Picture of Deaths

The author sent me this link.


Oregon Police And Firefighters Sue Governor Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

A number of these actions seem to have been started, but of course there are still many areas where inappropriate or aggressive police action has been causing harm to people. There hasn’t, in my view, be enough meaningful pushback.


FBI Agent – Widow Tells The Story

This is a sad testimony – making some very important, basic points about freedom.


Genocide, Dr. Bryan Ardis talks to Dr. Rainer Füllmich, SCA Nr. 63 (censored on YouTube)

This is from July 31st


Dr. Ardis presents lots of facts about the vaccination. It is not harmless and it is not safe. It seems to be a planned genocide! The interview is in English. Dr. Rainer Füllmich translates into German.

UK – IMMEDIATE Cease & Desist notice to all those involved in jab rollout to healthy kids

David Clews has written a letter which can be amended and sent to any UK schools or anywhere involved in jabbing children.


As someone said to me in an email: “Just a point: If 12 yr olds can decide to have the jab against their parents’ wishes, could they also decide to not have the jab, against their parents’ wishes?”

Robert David Steele has Died

Steele claimed to be an “ex Spy.” I suspect there’s more to this story than meets the eye.


Some discussion here if you want to listen:


(Footnote: I had some interaction with Steele a couple of years ago. He tried to include me into to his 9/11 truth initiative – but was using AE911 junk in whatever stuff he’d put together. When I pointed out to him this was bogus – and therefore untruthful and therefore did not belong in a “truth” effort, and that the WDTTG book/investigation should be at the “front and centre” of his “stall” so to speak, he just insulted me.)

Minnesota nurses say vaccine injuries likely underreported

Here we go again…


About two dozen nurses came together to share their experiences from the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic at a recent town hall.

One of the nurses who spoke out said that her and her friends at other hospitals are “seeing more reactions with their patients post-vaccination than they’re seeing COVID patients.” This statement generated broad agreement from many of the other nurses who seem to have witnessed this same trend. …

“I’m an ER nurse and I see all the strokes, the heart attacks, it is blatantly obvious what they [the vaccines] are causing, blatantly obvious,” a second nurse said at the town hall.

“I don’t even know what to do with this,” said a third nurse, who is responsible for interacting with patients who call in to report the symptoms they’re having post-vaccination. She reported that the range of adverse reactions is broad and there are so many callers her line is overwhelmed.

Fauci’s Drive By

Something creative…



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