“Approved?”, Dr David Martin – Further Study, Nurse Presents her Research, Doctor’s Roundtable, Lukas Lion is Correct

Chicanery over Alleged FDA Approval for Pfizer Jab

Did it REALLY get approval…? It seems this is not at all clear…



Is Dr David Martin a Card Carrying Globalist?

I don’t know who the author of this (very long) article is, and there is an unreliable quote about 9/11 in this article, but it makes many important points about David Martin – with references/evidence. He also takes a swipe at Dr Reiner Fuellmich – but without much evidence.


Backup: http://checktheevidencecom.ipage.com/checktheevidence.com/pdf/WHO%20IS%20DAVID%20E.%20MARTIN_.pdf

This article is about David E Martin getting involved in a mining rights dispute in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea


Martin also appeared at Global BEM conference in 2012


… and so did I!


… and so did Dr Judy Wood!

https://vimeo.com/63810454 (read the comments!)

Nurse Goes Through COVID Fraud Evidence in Detail

Quite an authoritative presentation from someone who works with it all…


Michael Knowles Reacts to Tom MacDonald’s “Brainwashed” video

This is an interesting 9 minute commentary. Knowles does a pretty good job, but I sense he hasn’t fully grasped what’s going on. I think Tom McDonald has a better grasp.


Doctors Roundtable – Experts Speak Out

They don’t all agree, but there may be some useful elements in this moderated discussion.


 Lukas Lion – 1984

Absolutely spot on rap song – like a dirge, but an appropriately dark tone, with tightly-written lyrics, laying out the whole scam, backed up by simple but powerful, clear visuals. Perfect editing.



Dr Ann McCloskey Suspended for speaking out.

This video


triggered this:




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