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It’s about BIOSECURITY – the New Control Paradigm

This link was passed on to me by Richard D Hall. This is a bit “further out” than some of the other stuff in these postings. A highly informed discussion/interview from 2 knowledgeable speakers (bearing in mind what I’ve shown about James Corbett in the past, that is!)

Learn more about Catherine Austin-Fitts:

UK Pandemic Exercise – October 2016 (3 years before Event 201)

Thanks to Sam for this link. This report was only recently released, due to its potentially “scary” nature.

The article above asks for whistleblowers to contact the Guardian – so guess what will happen? The Guardian won’t tell the truth – that’s what – and it will likely mean any whistleblowers are side-lined/marginalised and their details passed “into the backroom” so to speak…

The Guardian featured this report in an earlier article, with the same sort of backdrop. Of course, the article claims that the report shows how the “pandemic” has been mis-handled – it doesn’t point out that this was a test run for how a scam might work… None of the mainstream reports really challenge the government narrative in any meaningful, evidential way and none conclude that there should have been no lockdown. As in “It’s OK to question govt. actions, criticise public figures or bodies, but don’t ever question the narrative itself.”

Here is a copy of the report.

Anonymous NHS Doctor (UK) Speaks Out

Thanks to Andrew Wheway for this link.

“To all the people on here threatening to unfriend people, or wishing a second wave of COVID on people, for daring to go out in the sun, you really need to think about what you are writing, and a lot of you are health professionals as well.

What was the aim of lock down? What did every single health “expert” say was the reason to justify a lockdown? And why do we have a Flu season at all? And why have we continued to have a steady incidence rate despite being in lockdown? And why are thousands of elderly people dying in nursing homes?

The reason we had lockdown was to “flatten the curve” or buy time to increase ITU/crit care beds. Well with 4 nightingale hospitals mothballed and 50% of hospital beds lying empty, I think we have achieved that.

Not one “expert” worth his salt will tell you that we can stop a respiratory virus, and if they did they would be lying or I am deluded and we have no common cold or Flu cases every winter. So with a fifth of the country likely to have already had the virus and a health service with a massive amount of level 2 and level 3 beds, we are more than ready for a second spike, as it stands. Remember we cannot lock down forever and we need to come out, which brings me on to the Flu season.

The longer we stay locked down, the closer we will be to the next Flu season, so essentially you will be hitting a second spike as people begin to mix, late summer early Autumn which will be just as the next Flu seasons hits, so a second spike will lead nicely into a third and if you want to overwhelm the NHS then this is the exact way to do it.

Lastly, why are so many elderly people dying of COVID, well it’s largely down to the paranoia that people are displaying on platforms like Facebook? GP’s are not assessing elderly patients face to face, they are not being taken to hospital or they are terrified to go to hospital in case they get COVID, so they stay at home until it’s too late.

Strokes are down up to 70%, where have these patients gone? MI’s down 50%, hospital attendances down 90%, where are all the falls?? But why do they all have COVID signs?

Well anyone who has worked with elderly patients, and I suspect lots of you have, will know there are multiple reasons an elderly person can develop a pneumonia (COVID symptoms). They might fall and be in pain therefore not fully expand their lungs and develop atelectasis and then pneumonia.

They may have reduced mobility, due to quarantine, and become constipated and this may push up on the diaphragm and cause atelectasis or cause them to vomit and aspirate leading to pneumonia.

They may develop urinary retention and UTI, secondary to constipation, and become bed bound, causing more time in a prone position and develop a basal collapse of the lungs and again atelectasis and pneumonia.

The fact that they have reduced mobility may even mean they spend more time in bed or just sitting, which again is enough to cause chest infection/pneumonia.

Strokes may not present (they aren’t) and develop swallow issues and aspirate leading to pneumonia, MIs may present late and develop pulmonary oedema with a secondary infection again leading to pneumonia; and many may have a cold or a Flu (which is down 95%) and go on to develop a pneumonia.

All of the above reasons would cause a patient to have COVID symptoms and will kill elderly patients if not treated; all of them are enough to be classed as a COVID death currently and this is why so many nursing homes are being decimated; it’s as much through fear as it is through COVID.

Before you campaign and sign petitions to lock yourselves and your family away, remember also that lock down has consequences.

The first 2 reasons are clear above, the elderly will become frail, not be treated and die in their thousands, and thousands of people will not attend A&E at all, or until it’s too late and again will die.

This is before you factor in the 60 thousand cancer patients that will lose their lives because of missed screening or delayed operations. And then there is the burden on mental health services and the deaths caused by domestic abuse or suicide. And that’s before the biggest killer by far which will be austerity.

We are heading for the biggest recession in 300 years, the last one has cost an estimated 500000 lives, why will this one be any different? And even with the lock down measures prolonged, will we have saved any lives any way, as our frail residents face a second and third spike in quick succession?

I understand that you may be scared and its overwhelming being constantly bombarded with negativity and fear, but before you completely isolate yourselves and fall out with loved ones and friends, ask yourself is lockdown still working, and what are the potential benefits of staying locked down versus, carrying on with some semblance of a normal life?”

“It’s Terrible that People Are Rejecting NHS Treatments! Blame Conspiracy Theorists!”

“We must censor them or we will all die!” (OK, so maybe I am exaggerating a bit). But consider how much real evidence (as opposed to chatter and opinion) this article actually contains. Hey, and don’t forget to emphasise the number of deaths!

So, the ill health of the nation will be blamed on….

BBC: How Bill Gates became the voodoo doll of Covid conspiracies

A very careful choice of headline?

One particular photo caption stood out for me: “Bill Gates has been the face of public health for over a decade” No mention of his foundation funding some BBC operations….

LOCKDOWN LUNACY: The Thinking Person’s Guide  (RFK Jnr)

Thanks to Lorna for this link:

Research Gate – Censorship of Dennis Rancourt’s Article about Masks

Thanks again to Lorna for this link:

Dennis Rancourt’s article about mask efficacy which I included in an earlier posting has been scrubbed. The exchange he had with Research Gate follows an all-too familiar pattern… and you can see the most likely reason why, at the end of this article


Regular readers should now be getting a good idea (If they don’t know already) of the main player(s) driving this narrative… either a person or his “foundation…” See the final footnote in the above PDF…

1 See: “Can masks protect against the new coronavirus infection?”, WHO, 2 “ResearchGate raises $52.6M for its social research network for scientists”, TechCrunch, :
“This latest tranche of money comes from an impressive list of strategic and financial investors that include the
Wellcome Trust, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, and Four Rivers Group, Ashton Kutcher, LVMH, Xavier Niel,
Bill Gates, Benchmark, and Founders Fund, some of whom (like Gates, Benchmark and Founders Fund) were
investors in previous rounds.”

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