Gates Cartoon, Dr Coleman, One World Govt Needed, Archbishop Vigano Speaks, New York Nurse Discloses and More

An Animated Bill Gates Tells the Truth

Thanks to Dan for this link (4 mins)

Dr Vernon Coleman – How the Hell Did We Get Here?

18 mins

Dr Vernon Coleman – Everyone Must Now Hop and Wear Galoshes

5 mins

Compare and Contrast –  Recent Speeches  “The Great Reset” and a JFK Speech from the 1960s

From “the Observation Deck” – 14 mins

One world government needed to cope with COVID-19, says former British PM

‘There has to be a coordinated global response…We need some sort of working executive,’ said former PM Gordon Brown.

Not a surprise coming from him (or any similar figures). Brown was saying similar things 10 years ago:

Same forces behind Covid-19 crisis and current US turmoil, says Archbishop Viganò

The Archbishop believes that the public response to the Covid-19 pandemic was medically unfounded and constituted the largest social engineering operation in history. According to him, it was sponsored by the same actors as those behind the world demonstrations sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Having failed to impose their views on President Trump, these actors are now distorting his words to cut him off from his electoral base.

Here is Vigano’s letter to Donald Trump saying “Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now”:

New York Nurse – Secret Camera in Elmhurst Hospital

This is deeply troubling  – they were just treating people with breathing problems as COVID and often ventilating them. In some cases, the patients just had anxiety problems. She also talks about “DNR’s” (Do not resuscitate) and the climate of fear created in staff.  She also confirms some people were effectively treated with HCQ.


Do you want to Rent A Mob?

Two or three people sent me this. Hard to believe this is real…

“From grassroots organizations to advocacy groups, we seed the narratives and gather the audience you desire. When your strategy demands paid protest, we organize and bring it to life.”


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