Italians “Abandon Masks”?, Lockdown Spoof, Dr Kaufman and… , Social Distancing is….

Italians “Abandon Masks”?

This story has been carried in a few places. My question is, however… who paid for all the orange vests I wonder? And, really, what’s the Italian flag got to do with it, when the same things has happened in multiple countries?

I also remember the “orange” in the “Freedom and Responsibility” website colour scheme that I sent the link to recently. Probably a coincidence, but still….

“Testing and tracing must become a new way of life” – UK Government TV advert

The video is pretty disgusting – and again – think of the money being spent on this whole “initiative.” I will be writing a bit more about this separately.

Spoof – Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer

Road travel is too dangerous, right?

Dr Andrew Kaufman and “Spacebusters” Make a Video

How do you marginalise Those who would do the most damage to the narrative? How about teaming them up with a group that ignore evidence, lie and say the earth is flat?

Readers not familiar with 9/11 research I have been writing and speaking about for 15 years won’t be familiar with how there are many parallels with the CV narrative and the government-driven 9/11 narrative. Dr Kaufman’s “No virus” conclusion is similarly “shocking” for more people even than the “no planes on 9/11” conclusion. i.e. people have “believed” in viruses for longer than they’ve “believed” in “9/11 hijackers” or the reality of religious fundamentalism and so on.

Social Distancing – Is it really a CIA / MK ULTRA | Cult Mind Control Technique?

An excellent analysis by Adrian, in 8 minutes. I think he absolutely correct what he says. It is indeed like a “silent coup” has occurred in the UK.

The video discusses this article: – many analogues with what has been happening  across the world (including the UK).

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