Rallies Around the World on Mar 20, CV Passes in the EU and UK?, Piers Corbyn, PCP Papers Laid Against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance & Ferguson

PCP Papers Laid Alleging Pandemic Fraud Against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance & Ferguson

World Freedom Day – 20 March 2021 – Demos/Rallies

Poorly reported by the mainstream brainwashers, pressitutes and repeaters




Irish Independent – EU sets out plan for coronavirus pass to allow free travel by summer

An astute reader sent me this.


“All EU citizens have a fundamental right to free movement in the EU and this applies regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not. The Digital Green Certificate will make it easier to exercise that right, also through testing and recovery certificates.”

So, that’s the theme/logic now – you can exercise your rights – you just need a certificate to do so. What happens if you haven’t got any certificate? We here see the main reason why no mainstream media or public figure of any kind can possibly admit that the pandemic is fraudulent.

Israel Already Seems to Have COVID Passports

Yet another fear card? More layers of the Psychological Operations?




UK – Another Meaningless Consultation about Vaccine Passports or Certificates

I received this from a reader, so you can use the links below to send your thoughts – or repost information from other links below.

If you think that the idea of having a vaccine passport/certificate is a good one, you can stop reading now. If, however, like me, you think it’s an undemocratic, senseless, useless, liberticide, discriminatory, and unethical idea based on pure pseudoscience, please read on. The Government has opened a public consultation re vaccine passports (see email below). They basically want to hear our opinion about them. This is despite having had over 300.000 people sign an e-petition against them and also most of the MPs that debated such petition last Monday being against this idea too. Go figure. Anyways…if you wish to respond (like I do) to this public consultation, here are a few ideas you might wish to draw inspiration from in formulating a letter/email to them.

Please find attached response by Patrick Holford (I have his direct permission to share it with everybody).

And this is the link to the letter/template from the World Doctors Alliance/UK Medical Freedom Alliance + Lawyers for Liberty (it’s the letter dated 1st of March):


And here is the transcript from the entire debate in Parliament the other day, in case you wish to quote back to them what their own MPs have had to say about this idea:


This is where you go and respond (they have three basic questions there and an email address we can write to):


Why do Certain Figures get Promoted in Various Movements?

This video gives us some clues…


John Waters – Covid Vaccine Discussion Continued: Insider or Accomplice?

It’s not a vaccine… but other than that…

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche’s critique of Covid vaccines provoked hostile responses, especially from medical journalist Rosemary Frei. But why has her YouTube interview been deleted while his remains?


Northern Ireland – ID 3351409 TEO – COVID Public Information Campaign

How do they know they’re going to need 2 years’ worth of advertising, do you think? I thought the “vaccine” was the be all and end all solution?


II.1.4) Short description

The Executive Office requires the immediate appointment of an advertising contractor to build on and continue to deliver a multimedia advertising campaign on COVID-19. The contract duration is for two years commencing on 1 April 2021. The maximum budget is £2 million exclusive of VAT.

Michael O Bernicia – PCP Papers Laid Alleging Pandemic Fraud Against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance & Ferguson


At 16:23 pm this afternoon [19 March], one year after the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens’ decision to reclassify COVID-19 as no longer being considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease was published by Public Health England, the papers were laid electronically at a south London Magistrates Court, in the People’s Union of Britain’s momentous Private Criminal Prosecution against Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson for pandemic fraud.

Early next week, the court will receive a 1,200 page bundle of evidence, which includes expert witness statements from two professors, three doctors, a dental surgeon, a probate solicitor, a mathematician, a retired nuclear submarine data analyst, an independent data analyst and a former CID fraud detective, who is acting as a trustee of the PUB in bringing this most serious of prosecutions to the criminal court.

Further discussion here – https://www.thebernician.net/mark-devlin-talks-to-michael-obernicia-pcp-case-update/

Mercola.com – WHO Insider Blows Whistle on Gates and GAVI

I posted this story on March 3, but it was only the video interview, so here is an article about that


Norwegian Professor on suspected vaccine side effects: – The cause has been found

Another fear card played? Google Translated text below is form this:


The experts who have examined the three hospitalized health workers believe that the AstraZeneca vaccine triggered a strong immune response. One of the health workers died. The cause of our patients’ condition has now been found, says chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme to VG. A group at Rikshospitalet, led by Holme, has worked hard to find out why three health workers under the age of 50 were admitted with severe blood clots after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Total Brainwashing or Double-think – I can’t decide – “”I Would Love to Die From The AstraZeneca Vaccine” – TV2no


From TV2.no (translated by Google):

“I would love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine”

This one everyday activity can actually be a lot scarier.

by LINN WIIK (pictured)

It probably sounds very brutal. But some must be sacrificed in the war against the corona. That’s the way it is in all wars. This time it may well be me. In Norway, one health worker died of a cerebral haemorrhage and three health workers were admitted with a blood clot after receiving the vaccine. We and several European countries have now taken a break from vaccination with AstraZeneca on the basis of similar cases.

One could say this is the next evil step on from the Daily Express article that was noted a few weeks ago.

Dr Stefan Lanka on Contagion

Sent by Patrick – but the video is in German with English Subtitles.

This is a super interesting talk by Stefan Lanka who became known as a ‘virus denier’ around the time of HIV/AIDS. In any case I think this is really worth listening to as he relates it to history. Many great insights he mentions for example that ancient Chinese medicine or Ayurveda (Indian) did not have a concept of ‘contagion’ He shows how the contagion concept is intimately associated with war, exploitation etc. Britain France and Germany used it to their advantage.  He touches on the Black Death, leprosy etc. In any case I feel this is a great lecture and well worth the effort to listen to. This is it seems Part 1 now let me find Part 2



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