Peggy Hall, Jersey Jab Deaths, Indians Starving, Ponerology

Digging your Own Grave – Peggy Hall

I have a lot of sympathy with Peggy’s “rant” here.

I recorded these two short videos late last night… Because I have just about reached the end of my rope with those who are consorting with evil. I produce SEVERAL videos weekly (and sometime even daily)…  Because we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

Jersey – Deaths after Jab and “COVID”

The figures seem to suggest more people have died soon after the jab than died of COVID – in a shorter period of time.

Probable Covid-19 deaths (FOI)

Produced by the Freedom of Information office

Authored by Government of Jersey and published on 21 April 2021.

Prepared internally, no external costs.


Since March 2020, how many deaths have been attributed to Covid-19 without confirmation of a positive test? That is, ‘probable Covid-19 death’



69 deaths in Jersey have been registered with Covid-19 as a cause of death since March 2020 and to date.


Out of these 69 deaths, 17 deaths were registered as ‘Probable Covid-19’.


Probable Covid-19 is defined as “the person either tested negative in laboratory testing or was not tested for Covid-19 and the cause of death was certified as ‘Probable Covid-19’ based on clinical history and investigations”.

An event organised by Patrick Coffin – 40 speakers over 3 days (online) – free registration – ACCOUNT SUSPENDED.

When I was preparing this posting, the link below worked – and included the text below.

We Are Being Lied To ON A MASSIVE SCALE.

Truth Over Fear summit is a three-day online gathering of 40 frontline doctors, scientists, attorneys, researchers, and journalists, who will share invaluable and eye-opening insights into the truth behind the headlines, Covid-19, the rushed vaccine, and the Great Reset.

Big Tech does not want you to hear this information and is working hard to censor us. Most of our presenters have been silenced. In fact, the same day we published this summit, YouTube terminated our account and we are now shadow banned everywhere.

You have the right to make INFORMED decisions for yourself and your loved ones.  Do not let anyone take those RIGHTS away from you. We the People need to stand up and say ENOUGH.


About five hours ago, the platform we used for hosting Truth Over Fear: Covid-19 and the Great Reset three-day summit, has kicked our event off the internet and suddenly locked out all 50,000+ attendees who were participating in the live streams.

This is war, and they know that I know.

THANK YOU especially to the outstanding speakers. My apologies to the attendees who were inconvenienced.

Last-minute update: We will host this summit next weekend at the same time. We’re contacting our speakers right now and hoping we can stream their live sessions at the same time. A group approached us and offered to help using a conservative-friendly platform.

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Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021

Anyone got any explanations for this? A strange use of language – some claim is explained by the wording of the relevant legislation.

Cyprus – Medical Tyranny Again

An article that someone sent me from one of their publications…

Curfews, authorisation to go out – a year after the start of the scam.

Letters Resource – If You Want to Address a-COVID Related Regulation/Jobsworth

e.g. Letter for someone mask-exempt thrown off a plane, Letter to shopping centre that forced mask-exempt family to leave

A Message from India – No Pandemic is Killing People – Starvation is though

Genocide. Starvation. Corruption. This is the truth about what’s really going on in India under the guise of the COVID19 virus and the alleged pandemic.

These are not my words. These are the words of someone living in India who reached out to me to get her message out about the genocide that is taking place, right now, all under the guise of ‘strains and variants’ of COVID19. People are dying of starvation and lack of medical care. She’s witnessing and experiencing at first-hand the horrors of what is happening.

Here’s her message:

“I am writing to you about the genocide that is taking place in India. Millions have already died of starvation during the ongoing lockdowns. The government and media are lying and making it look like the virus.

Also see:



Polly St George has done another good video

(although I don’t care too much for the Christianity bits near the end – but they’re not long) Polly mentions this paper. See the table on Page 2. One of the authors is Fauci’s wife.


Please share this information!