Massive London Gathering/Protest, Lisbon Court Rules 152 COVID Deaths not 17000, FDA “Stop Using Innova Antigen Test,” Fake Ferguson Memo, Blowing COVID-19 Whistle

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

London Rally – 26th Jun 2021

London Rally 26th Jun – Video Diary

Just one I randomly picked up.

Sky News said it was mainly “free Palestine, black lives matter and Extinction Rebellion” – well, yes, they were there – but…. They formed just a tiny proportion of the crowd

Shame on You BBC! 15 May 2021

Not on the news, of course… Thanks to everyone who bothered to take a stand and broadcast a clear message. If anyone has a better video of this exact incident, I would be interested in seeing it

Lisbon court rules only 0.9% of ‘verified cases’ died of COVID, numbering 152, not 17,000 claimed

“We live in a fraud of unprecedented dimensions,” wrote Dias.

“If these figures are of the same order of magnitude for other countries as well, and there is no reason to assume otherwise, then the plague is a deception of unprecedented proportions and crimes committed against humanity on a huge scale have been committed here.”

FDA Safety Communication: Stop Using Innova Medical Group SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test

Oh dear… this has been used extensively in the UK:

More discussion here:

And further digging/analysis in a series of 4 articles by Sonia Elijah, linked below:

Fake Ferguson Memo

I’ve received multiple messages about this:

I think it’s fake – but might be based on real documents or messages sent around within SAGE and similar scummy groups/think tanks. Why would Neil Ferguson send such a thing anyway? It’d be more plausible if it was Whitty, Valance or someone associated with them that we hadn’t heard of. We’ve already seen Hancock thrown under the bus – so someone has been shuffling the front-men around recently… as they did with Fergie last year.

I t also gives Imperial College a way of reacting to challenges to Ferguson and similar folks they may employ or have employed:

The content of the document echoes themes comments made in an (unattributed) message I posted back in April, which came via Alex Thomson – see “UK – Future Plans – Published and Postulated” in the posting linked below.

UK Health Sec. Hancock Resigns in Disgrace and Michael O Bernicia Update

As you may be aware, this happened a few days ago (I won’t soil this posting by directly linking to any shamestream stories – as they will be easy to find). What I will link is the update from Michael O Bernicia – where he discusses Hancock’s resignation in the context of his attempted prosecution of him (and the 3 other “horsemen”) – so the timing is interesting, but MOB is still waiting for an opportunity to present expert testimony in a court and he has not got a definite date yet.

A Barrister Speaks Out on the March in London

I’ve known Richard for years – a lovely chap!

Rachel Elnaugh and James Dellingpole

This is good discussion, I think…

Succinct Posters, based around Common Law Points

Some useful info and material here:

Professionals – Blow the Whistle COVID19 Scam!

Watch the 7 minute video on the website below (or mirror)



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Daily Mail Reporter Sally Beck  Blows Whistle On Shamestream Media Cover Up Of “Vax” Injury

At about the 33 minute mark, Sally Beck discusses her communications with British Airways regarding the death of pilots. It corroborates the earlier story.



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