Increasing Censorship, Pseudo Pandemic, Jeremy Vine “Ambushed” On Air, Brainwashed

This poster is banned on facebook – try posting it and it will be blocked. Try posting a modified version of it, and you may then receive a 24-hr block on posting and commenting (I did).

Tom MacDonald – Brainwashed (Lyrics Video)

Like many who commented on this video when I posted it on “Fakebook,” I am not generally a fan of rap – but this is extremely tight and well-executed. An interesting comment posted on the BitChute Backup I created says:

Interesting that this video has not been censored from YouTube. Perhaps because he is encouraging protests and not denying the existence of the fake virus. A child fighting with his parents is giving them control of his life, usually in exchange for accommodation and food. A child that leaves home is self-sufficient, rejects authority and is in control of himself. Equally a society that protests is giving them control of their lives. A society that becomes self-sufficient does not require a government. This is the peaceful and proactive message that will get you banned from YouTube.


His Twitter account

Schwarzenegger to anti-maskers: ‘Screw your freedom’

I guess he always was a fascist – and has been deeply embedded with the “agenda players” for decades…

Richard D Hall – “Pseudopandemic, New Normal Technocracy”.

In the latest show Richard interviewed Iain Davis about his new book, “Pseudopandemic, New Normal Technocracy”.

Watch it here, in 4 parts …

His new book is available here …

If you have trouble accessing Richard’s website, read this:

Whole video has been posted here too:

A PDF of Iain’s book can be found here:

UK MP Can’t Answer COVID/Vax Questions Sensibly

No surprises here – but good that these people “got in his face” a bit. No politician is really equipped to deal with this. If they were, they wouldn’t last in any post anyway.

BBC Radio 2, UK – Jeremy Vine blind-sided on COVID Vax PsyOp

Jeremy Vine was blind-sided and didn’t deny any of the statements the caller made: He just kept on slagging them off. Is this proof you have to lie to have the best chance of getting on air?

mRNA Vaccine inventor’s Gab posting is here…

Work a look!

“Now” Broadband Buddy is Not Necessarily Your Friend

Nice to know that kids are protected from seeing my website by Sky/British Telecom. I bet they buy lists of “dodgy” websites from somewhere – and wouldn’t even bother to check much when people complain that a given site is blocked. so this can be one place where a VPN helps. “Opera” browser has a simple/free VPN built in – other recommendations are AirVPN and Mullvad (according to fakebook friends).

If you use BT Now Broadband or know folks that do, feel free to advise them of their inappropriate censorship. (You could also check, and )




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