‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy,’ Cardinal Burke Speaks Out, Cullen: How to Run a Scamdemic, Wetherspoons UK,

Don’t Forget Folks – 2 Metres Apart! Sky News Oz: ‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy’: Warnings of ‘Orwellian’ Great Reset https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcAO4-o_4Ug https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6215927832001 13/12/2020|8min A terrifying coalition … Read More

Private Criminal Prosecution of Parliament, PCR Testing Document (UK), People’s Brexit Update Canadian Internment Camps? and More

Private Criminal Prosecution of Parliament | Top Legal Team Engaged https://www.thebernician.net/private-criminal-prosecution-of-parliament-top-legal-team-engaged/ Yesterday afternoon we received confirmation that the partners of the firm of barristers we are talking to about the … Read More

Berlin Protests, “Stupid” and Facemasks, Fauci Challenged, “COVID Constant Wave”

Thousands protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions https://apnews.com/ef70c1af702b89c23e71fcd843e63293?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=AP Once again, the mainstream repeaters/reporters show their “true colours”… “Protests against anti-virus restrictions in Germany have drawn a variety of attendees, including … Read More